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Global Spirits US – Web for a world 3rd largest alcohol producer


01. Summary

The Global Spirits US website turned out to be a real challenge. Within the website creation process, we worked on the whole visual concept that is going to be used by the Ukrainian producer on the highly demanding US market. The goal for the visuals was to look modern and fresh, but the main focus was on the B2B segment, or on alcohol wholesalers. Eventually, we were able to find a balance between playfulness and professionality. The website is one of the larger projects, budgeted over 10.000 CAD

02. About the client

The Global Spirits company is a front supplier of distillates for eastern Europe and one of the largest international companies dealing with alcohol production. To become a world-wide company, they moved its North American Global Spirits USA directorate to New York in 2008. The Global Spirits company has a broad network of most advanced equipment for distillation, as well as for vodka, mustard, liker, brandy, wine, sparkling wine, sake, sangria, and vermouth production.

03. Our task

We got to work with the Global Spirits company through our American partner, the Baobab Group. Our objective was to create a global website for all alcohol brands, that would represent the company on the American market. Especially emphasized was the importance of the functionality of the website. It was important to use modern ways to share the company’s news and happenings, so the content update could be processed in a quick and easy manner. Additionally, the client required a search engine, that would search for closest distributors to a current GPS location of the customer, or a register section for partners.

04. Obstacles

  • Focus on the American B2B market
  • Insufficient information-base - not enough pictures and texts
  • Extensive website functionality
  • A broad variety of products needed to be unified under a single visual design.

05. How we helped

This large website, with twelve subpages, store-locator and a section dedicated for employees, was, in cooperation with the client, created in little over 4 months. At the beginning of the project realization, we gathered all available, but not very extensive, content. Together, we worked on a new visual concept that would be attractive for the American market. We designed a couple of visual styles, then chose the best there was and unified it into one final style. On the website, we worked with a couple of animations, videos, and with the social media feed. Furthermore, we focused on each and every alcohol brand, to which we attached its characteristic style and identity.

05. The result

We successfully created a global website, currently representing the whole company on the American market. We set-up a visual style, through which the modern and innovative image of the company was created. Thanks to functionalities and animations, the website feels dynamic and meets even the more difficult of requirements, such as news, and social network posts sharing, closest sales-representative location or a hidden section dedicated for partners.

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