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Dytron – PROFI website for CAD/CAM/PLM systems provider

  • Date: June 16, 2017

  • Service: PROFI Web

  • Client: Dytron s.r.o.

  • Odkaz na web:


01. Summary

PROFI website for DYTRON s.r.o. company - a provider of CAD/CAM/PLM systems and solutions by Dassault Systèmes company.

It was a pleasure to offer and realize a complete redesign of the over-10-years-old website. A company like this, a supplier of the latest solutions in design and technological software, deserves a sophistically and passionately redesigned website.

02. About the client

DYTRON company offers its over 25 years long experience with providing and implementation of CAD/CAM/PLM systems by Dassault Systèmes. It is a solid, long-time partner for its customers in the field of support and counseling, training and knowledge development, consultations and implementation of CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA software.

03. Our task

The old website had a fairly broad structure of subpages and an enormous amount of content that needed to be handled in a better, easier and more organized way. The main objective, however, was to switch from boring advanced software provider to modern and innovative technology company with a young team of people, who are not simply a software supplier but first of all a provider of complex, sophisticated solutions and subsequent implementations. The website was then supposed to be an inquiry and new customers generator as well.

04. Obstacles

  • A very broad content of the older website in need of a better organization
  • With not too many authentic photographs of the company create a feel of a young and active team of people
  • A strong B2B orientation

05. How we helped

Thanks to structure elaboration, we were able to view a comprehensive picture of the old website that had been evolving for several years and, therefore, a complete revision of the content and subsequent creation of a completely new structure was possible. All with the help of thought map. To be able to imagine individual pages even before creating the graphic design, we created a wire model of all 15 templates with modeled content. Based on this, we could correctly organize all content parts, eliminating the risk to be “stuck” when creating the new graphic design. Additionally, as the website was supposed to point potential customers towards conversion, we decided to have a thorough look at clients’ reference and carefully designed call-to-action aspects throughout the whole structure of the website.

06. The result

The result was a high-quality website with an easy and well-organized structure, modern look and ability to generate inquiries. We also took good care of administration. For this reason, people from the Dytron company are now able to manage the website content to a significant extent, without the need for programmer intervention. With that, we cut the client’s costs of further web management.

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