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The E-shop project initiation, PPC, Branding, PR

  • Date: January 7, 2019

  • Service: WEB – E-SHOP, PPC, BRANDING, PR

  • Client: GOODLY s.r.o.

  • Odkaz na web:


01. Summary

We do enjoy lending a hand to new business and this time, we witnessed the birth of one. The GOODLY project originated from the idea of healthy weight-loss through consumption of tasty liquid diet, which was supposed to create its own unique segment on the superfood market. Although the idea was there, nothing else existed yet. We started from scratch, designing the packaging and reaching to packaging manufacturers, letting go of the reins of imagination when designing the logo and the branding. And after literally a couple of months, we were sure we understood the client and his vision. With logo and packaging design “in hand” we jumped on the e-shop creation...

02. About the client

„Fly with GOODLY wings“

Author of the slogan Michaela Dvořáková put a lot of effort into product development, so it could, eventually, meet all established goals: a good taste, easy preparation, natural ingredients and nutritionist ingredients that will help you lose weight. She has a completely different philosophy from, for instance, experts supporting a Keto diet, which is fairly aggressive and, on many occasions, an unhealthy way of losing weight. The idea is not “eat GOODLY, lose weight”, not even to eat mainly liquid food, on the contrary, it aims higher: to help people feel better.

03. Our task

Not to let the fresh-year season in January slip, because literally everyone starts with a healthy lifestyle and active weight-loss at this time of the year. From ideas create a fully functioning solution, opening the GOODLY doors to customers. Specifically determine the GOODLY communication way, its visuals, to create a modern e-shop that would capture the product essence through social networks, PPC advertisements, and PR.

04. Obstacles

It would probably be easier to write down obstacles we did not have to face. We were under extreme time pressure, as we had to have it all done by the beginning of January, we did not have any information base - i.e. photographs and the like - to reflect on and the client, although extremely excited and helpful as she was, did not have any experience with online marketing. In the beginning, it was quite difficult to be in line with her idea, and the e-shop had many more hidden knots to untie than could be seen from its clean design and friendly functionality.

05. How we helped

During the first phase, we had to discover the appropriate visual communication and identity, ending it with a website design that met all client’s expectations exceptionally well. This re-charged us with enough energy to proceed into another project phase, which was the e-shop programming. Within the e-shop, be it on a first glance a design of a simple character, are hidden quite a few complex elements:

  • Modern clean design.


A second phase was programming. The e-shop is based on the WooCommerce platform and consists of several specific functionalities, such as:

  • The FLAVOR MIXER configurator, where the customer can choose the number of meals and its flavors.
  • It is connected with a logistics provider Uloženka for delivery automation
  • Fakturoid for invoice automation
  • A payment gateway Comgate
  • Therefore, the whole e-shop is created in an easy-to-use style, saving the client’s time.


A third phase covered sales and social networks kick-off and PR and PPC advertisements when we were - owing to testing, analyses, and optimization - focused on quality and efficiency, investing in appropriate advertising channels depending on the target group.

06. The result

It is a well-known truth, not only in the marketing world, that no project can be cheap, fast and high-quality, all at the same time. It has always only two of these qualities. We managed to create a complex e-shop in 2 months and within the client’s budget.

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