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Lesní Hotel – SMART website for a luxury hotel in Zlín


01. Summary

We all put our hearts into the Lesní Hotel website creation. In the website design, we worked with a real look of the hotel - be it its interior or the outer shape of the building.

02. About the client

Lesní Hotel is based at the edge of the city of Zlín in its calm neighborhood, surrounded by forest. It was built on a spot previously used by a famous cafe in woods called Lesní kavárna built in 1975 in a functionalist style, common in local “architecture according to Baťa”. Lesní Hotel offers the best that a good restaurant has to offer.

In its heart, a cuisine so good that not one client would leave dissatisfied, is built.

03. Our task

Client’s expectations were not specified. Therefore, both the whole idea and complete design came from ourselves. The idea was that the website should realistically reflect the offered level of services, comfort and hotel aesthetics. We wanted to create a feeling that you may experience when entering the hotel itself. As the hotel is built in the outer part of the city, we wanted potential visitors to have simple navigation option at hand. Another objective of this project was a focus on gaining new customers for the hotel’s restaurant.

04. Obstacles

  • Insufficient amount of usable, high-quality pictures.
  • Old texts, not reflecting the new face and quality of hotel services.
  • Limited realization budget.

05. How we helped

A problem of insufficient amount of usable photos was solved through a new photoshoot of the interior and exterior of the hotel. After that, we ran an analysis of European most famous hotels websites to find inspiration in its design elements and styles. Based on our findings, we came up with 2 visual styles. After choosing one of these styles, we designed wireframes of individual subpages, where we could display different elements of the website and therefore find out what texts and content will be needed. During the final phase of graphic design, our copywriter was already working on texts and so, eventually, everything fitted nicely.

Besides high-resolution photos, we could now work with great reviews on, quick Google maps navigation and lunch menu which attracted new customers to come and have lunch prepared in the hotel’s superior kitchen.

06. Results

The resulting website works perfectly with the strengths of the hotel itself and realistically reflects the real level of offered services. Users are able to quickly find what they need and, if interested, owing to included google map, they are immediately able to navigate to the hotel to enjoy its kitchen and/or accommodation.

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