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MONT-KOVO s.r.o. – Analyses, strategies and performance-based marketing


01. Summary

MONT-KOVO s.r.o. is a significant client of ours who gave us his trust three years ago and since then our collaboration continues. We helped with a website UX analysis, its optimization, performance-based campaigns in a B2B sector, graphic visuals, recruitment, video production and even with a configurator of a hall construction.

02. About the client

Since 1995, MONT-KOVO has been focused on manufacturing and supply of constructed halls and metal constructions. The company offers a turnkey service, covering everything from the project itself or construction work realization, to final assembly and sheeting of the construction.

03. Our task

The goal was to increase the number of inquiries made through the website, decrease advertisement costs and raise brand awareness. For this reason, before launching campaigns and marketing investments, we focused on website optimization and efficiency. We ran UX and SEO analyses to have a list of necessary adjustments to be made. After optimization was done, we started pay-per-click campaigns in Google’s and Seznam’s search and content networks and, subsequently, on Facebook as well, and then we launched re-marketing campaigns on all channels. We are currently focused on markets in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Together, we work on a long-term communication solution done on social networks. We also started with video production. For the Mont-Kovo sales department, we were able to create the constructed-halls configurator. Its goal is to enrich commercial offers with a specific visualization of a specific hall.



04. Obstacles

  • B2B sector orientation
  • Website’s old visuals
  • A very specific target group
  • Competition
  • An expensive product

05. How we helped

Instead of a complete redesign of the website - which would be most probably suggested by most agencies for its higher price - based on the number of visits of the website, we made crucial changes that were quick and more affordable than a full redesign. Thanks to these optimizations, we were able to increase the number of visits to the website.

Visuals and key-words campaigns from all 3 networks were split into several configurations to correspond with our aim. With that, we can maintain full control and overview of results. Simply put - when there are insufficient results in any of the configurations, we stop it and allocate its finances into more efficient channels.

06. Results

After overtaking the campaigns management, costs per 100 customers introduced to the website were cut by 50 %.

Annually, the organic number of visits grew by 64 %, all thanks to SEO optimizations.

The number of accepted inquiries from the website grew by 50 %, annually.

The overall number of inquiries per hall in 2017 was 660.

07. Cooperation review

We have been cooperating with the MONT-KOVO company for 3 years now, which is amazing. However, we should never neglect proactivity and innovation that we, as a partner, want to be approaching them with at all times, so our further partnership maintains its efficiency. Therefore, this year’s focus is mainly on the improvement of visual attractivity of the brand on social networks. We would like to create and promote videos, new animated banners in the form of GIFs and other surprises that are to be launched soon enough. The competition never rests, and so we shall have no break.

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