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PPC Campaigns for the e-shop


01. Summary

Outlet-levně was the first e-shop that was entrusted to us just when it started. Literally from scratch, we set complex performance-based marketing with an option for sale channels. Today, we thoroughly measure, analyze and plan everything. From zero revenue, we got to 5 digits monthly revenue in about a year of collaboration.

02. About the client

The Outlet-Levně e-shop was established in 2017, never neglecting on its family atmosphere and personal approach to its customers. It is focused on outlet sales of clothes and fashion accessories such as handbags, purses or watches, or even bed linen or hair cosmetic. It offers in-stock goods of global brands, such as Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Desigual, Swarovski, Puma, Pepe Jeans and many more.

03. Our task

The aim was to increase the overall revenue to such extent, that the e-shop would break through and end-up in green numbers. For this client, goals were set for a longer-term. The main reason for this was that we started from zero, with fairly large competition on the existing market. The whole online marketing was put on our shoulders, with the expectation of strategy planning, leadership, and realization of campaigns and, most of all, an evaluation of activities that would support both branding and sales.

04. Obstacles

  • Very small fan-base
  • Big competition
  • Short time and orientation on results
  • Entering the market and sales with no historical data

05. How we helped

Already after first weeks, the thorough management of PPC campaigns and the rest of our hard work started showing results, peaking during the Christmas time, when e-shop successfully reflected needs of its customers and surpassed even its own owner’s expectations. Eventually, this lead to mutual trust and many competencies (often overreaching borders of online marketing) being entrusted to us.

06. Results

Starting at only an average revenue of tens of thousands monthly, we were able to achieve results greater by about 500%. The e-shop now has a solid attendance rate of regular customers that make up for 60 % of revenue, annually. We have established complete analytics and data measurement, due to which we are currently able to manage and plan campaigns with fair accuracy.

07. Client says

“...none of us knows all there is about entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, after these gentlemen from MarketSoul took the wheel of our company, we know a lot more. Great communication, often different but very much needed view on a matter and a will to do more than necessary...”

Jana Sýkorová

E-shop Marketing Manager

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