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Project28 – Corporate identity & web-design

  • Date: August 3, 2016

  • Service: Corporate identity, web-design

  • Client: Baobab Group

  • Odkaz na web:


01. Summary

For PROJECT 28, we created CORPORATE IDENTITY, designed a web-design and new website presentation that we then programmed and released. How were we able to convert EXCEL charts with dozens of sheets into a simple and functioning design? Have a look.

02. About the client

An international public-opinion survey project called PROJECT 28 surveyed a public opinion of people from 28 countries of the European Union on different subjects, presently both poignant and real. The goal of the project was to better understand human perception of specific problematics, as well as the role of the European Union as a whole.

03. Our task

First of all, PROJECT 28 needed to find its image and visual identity, starting with a logo. Based on the logo design, it was necessary to create other corporate material for both offline and online promotion.

04. Obstacles

We looked for ways to combine all 28 countries of the European Union with blue color, as it is reminiscent of the EU. At the same time, we knew that the visual identity must come as serious, simple and modern.

05. How we helped

We leaned on the diversity of the EU. Therefore, the project logo uses its colors to represent diverse cultures and wide range of opinions of all respondents from individual countries from across the European Union, however, it also creates a feeling of unity and common result. Based on the logo, other offline and online promotional materials of the project were created: billboards, rollups, posters and pamphlets, FB posts template and online banners. For the complete picture, we also fine-tuned all official documentation used by the Szazadveg foundation for the project presentation (ppt, letterheads, infographics and chart design).

06. Result

All corporate materials are currently utilized by Szazadveg on the European Union ground, where all new results of its public-opinion survey are presented annually. Thanks to an extensive word-press web-administration, the foundation is able to manage all results - charts and sheets - placed on their website on their own, without the need of a programmer, which is decreasing their costs and enables them to have utmost flexibility.

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