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Sekvoia Seating System – web-design & corporate identity


01. Summary

The mission of Sekvoia seating systems is to develop attractive, efficient and original solutions for indoors and outdoors seating, solutions fitted to the needs of any customer. For Sekvoia company, we designed and realized both an information website and corporate identity elements.

02. About the client

The Sekvoia Seating Systems company is focused on supplying platforms and seats for football stadiums, telescopic tribunes for sport and assembly halls, seats for cinemas, social halls, theatres, auditoriums, and conference and congress halls. Their customer-base is spread all around the world, with successfully executed projects like Letzigrung, Stadion Curych, Allianz Arena Munich or Oslo Spektrum.

03. Our task

  • Corporate identity
  • Small and quick responsive website translated into several languages

04. Obstacles

  • A short time for realization
  • Limited budget

05. How we helped

Corporate identity

Corporate identity elements bare for them a specific combination of blue and white color. It was our job to design letterheads and envelopes, business cards and other items for general use.

Responsive web-design

The aim of the website was clear: on a glance, a customer needs to be well informed about possible options and use of individual seating installation types for different social and sports areas. Hence, the text had to be limited to a minimum and the focus had to switch to the visual side of the project, so a customer could have an immediate quick overview of Sekvoia offer. The website was designed, realized, accompanied by responsive versions and launched.

06. The result

Basic, uncomplicated website in pure and simple style allowing even older generation - representing the main target group from the B2B world - to navigate easily on the website, surely heading towards conversions. Even though we worked with a fairly complicated product, after approximately 6 months conversions started to gather, many of them turning into real orders.

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