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Social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram

What we do

Social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram

Thanks to our copywriters, creators, and photographers, we are able to perfect your social-networks profile pages. Colorful and meaningful content, rich texts and creative graphic design that cannot be overlooked will make you a modern, trendy company not only for customers but potential employees as well.

We will help you with your communication strategy setup, as well as with defining achievable goals. We will choose appropriate social-networks, determine the tone of voice and a content structure used for communication. As we represent your company, we make sure that you have a constant overview and are in control of the content. For this reason, at the beginning of each month, we create a plan of posts that we perfect together. We will draft texts, and propose a design of the posts. We utilize all modern tools there are, such as videos, slideshows, and blogs. We take care of post-publication and communication with fans.

How it looks in practice

Our goal is to get your brand into their minds, provoke interaction with potential customers, all that with the lowest amount of time and money possible.