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Tomatex – a SMART website for an automotive company.

  • Date: September 1, 2017

  • Service: SMART Website

  • Client: TOMATEX Otrokovice a.s.

  • Odkaz na web:


01. Summary

A SMART website for a TOMATEX company in the automotive section.

From older, already existing design of the website and a complex structure of the content that was, for years, simply glued together, we created a clear, elegant and well-arranged website, where everything is just a couple of clicks away.

02. About the client

The Tomatex s.r.o. company works in the field of automotive interior parts and textile material and leather processing. The company follows a tradition of Tomáš Baťa, innovative and operative, with latest machinery and technologies for the highest possible quality of products and services.

03. Our task

The previous design was fairly outdated and was not applicable for mobile devices. At the time, the content had been created over a period of several years and became to be too complicated and confusing. Our objective was to polish it, which required an upgrade and simplification of the whole website. Also, our goal was to use fresh photographs, translate the web, optimize it for SEO and improve the responsiveness on mobile devices. One of the requirements of our client was the maximum possible flexibility and simplicity of future administration.

04. Obstacles

  • The confusing and complicated structure of the old website
  • A short DDL, as the project was to be presented at the trade fair

05. How we helped

After creating a complex map of the structure of the current content, we started with a revision and cut away unnecessary parts, all under the supervision of the client. After agreeing on the final structure design, we started the creation of the wireframes of 7 subpages. These previewed the final view of the website for the company’s management, so we could be approved to start with the final design. Thanks to our experienced graphic designers was our design immediately approved and, in about 14 days from the start of the whole collaboration, the programming could begin. A BETA version was ready in 7 days and after a couple of tweaks, the complete website was born.

06. The result

Clean, modern and well-arranged website, optimized for mobile devices, all in just 35 days. The day we launched the website, we established complete analytics and measurements and implemented a basic on-page search engines optimization. Translations of the page into different languages were also part of the deal, so we saved our clients time and worries.

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