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Designing the Roko Airplanes website

  • Date: September 13, 2018


  • Client: Roko Airplanes s.r.o.


01. About the project

For Roko Airplanes, we managed to create a perfectly fitting website design. However, just after we obtained a design approval when it was time to start a testing phase of the newly programmed website, the project was canceled. Nevertheless, we decided to give you a little taste of what we created.

 “Sit back comfortably, your flight is about to start.”

02. About the client

For over 10 years, the Roko Airplanes company has been designing and constructing small sport planes, making dreams of their customers come true. Their airplanes have many firsts. For instance:

  • The world lightest plane with only 272 kilograms
  • A winner of Australian International Airshow 2015
  • Best selling airplane in the Czech Republic in 2015

During the programming phase (about 2 months after the project launch), essential internal changes occurred on the side of the client, which stopped the website development. We will now have to wait for the future of the project to unravel.

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