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Website and eshops development

What we do


Website and eshops development

When creating a new website or e-shop, we focus on goals that are meant to be achieved and target groups, that are meant to be addressed. We are aware of the fact, that the website does not have to be to our likings, but rather needs to be attractive to a customer who needs to be able to intuitively and easily find what he came for. A good www site must present your business with such comprehensibility and attractivity, that will make the user submit his order or sends his CV.

What are the budget options:

  1. BUDGET 2.500 - .4.500 CAD
  2. This budget is suitable for web pages built on a web template. We choose the ideal template that matches your requirements. We will graphically edit the entire template to your needs, help you with the correct texting. Included is also a set of analytic tools to plan your next marketing activities.

  3. BUDGET 8.000 - 15.000 CAD
  4. In this budget, you can start making your website properly. We'll start with a common workshop to showcase your business. Then it is up to us to think about the structure of the new website. Subsequently, we will create a Wireframe " wireframe, which already has the appearance of a website, the layout of elements, menu items, and the deployment of content on each sub-page. Then we will ask you to deliver your marketing texts, which will be adjusted to your own image and fill the wireframe. This is followed by creating a design for the website. With the growing number of visitors from mobile devices, we are also designing directly for mobile and tablet versions of the website. As you expect, then we will code the graphic design and link it to the content management system. After the final connection, we will perform complete testing and SEO optimization . If the page is loading for more than 4 seconds, you are a corpse. We'll set up complete analytics and go to start!

  5. BUDGET +18.000 CAD
  6. Is your website the main basis of your business or do you feel that you want to set yourself aside from the competition and a standard website does not suffice your standards? Then let's meet together and see what we can do for you.

The website price list is only indicative. The price differs according to a difficulty of the web-design, the functional range, price, and time-length of the realization of the website. Nevertheless, they all cover basic parameters, such as on-page SEO - optimization for search engines, implementation of analytic tools, establishing goals measurement and adjustment for mobile devices.

How it looks in practice

Together with you, we determine your target group, reveal weak/strong points of your current website, determine primary goals, study the content meant to be put on your website and design an optimal website creation package. All depending on whether you are a corporation in need of a fitted web-design and a quantum of functionalities, or a small/average-sized company that needs, first of all, a simple presentation of its products.