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E-shop with WooCommerce – ANAPUR

  • Date: March 26, 2017

  • Service: Web - Eshop

  • Client: Anapur - Leandr s.r.o.

  • Odkaz na web:


01. Summary

From a small startup called Anapur rose a fully-fledged superfood producer. Subsequently, it was necessary to improve its primary e-shop. However, it was no ordinary e-shop with just a wide range of products. It was a website with a sophisticated design with an option to sell Anapur packages. The creation was based on the original UX analysis and the result is simply worth it, go ahead and have a look...

02. About the client

The founding father of the project Štěpán Andrle is the man behind the superfood Anapur production. Anapur is a hundred-percent natural food containing perfectly balanced source of all nutrients, minerals, and vitamins our bodies need. Everything included comes from the soil. Anapur mixture is made from 21 natural ingredients from all around the world. There are almonds from the USA, oat from the Czech Republic, camu camu berries from the Amazonian rainforest, walnuts for Slovakia or Himalayan salt, mined in Pakistan.

03. Our task

To create a website with sophisticated design on an e-shop platform presenting the quality and uniqueness of Anapur and that will point a customer towards a purchase.

04. Obstacles

Insufficient experience with the WooCommerce e-shop platform, appearing as the most appropriate platform. Our information base was being created throughout the realization itself and we needed to deal with many changes, that had not been specified at the beginning.

05. How we helped

The finished Anapur website/e-shop handles a couple of important aspects discovered through the UX analysis, such as the primary sale of Anapur package variants with better price and amount discounts, quick benefits presentation through icons, natural ingredients preview, price comparisons, and social networks. Especially challenging were, firstly, the Anapur production story on the About production page, and secondly, to create a pleasant buying experience.

06. The result

Our work does not end when the e-shop is completed.

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