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Magenta Fashion – A new e-shop with cloths


01. Summary

We helped with designing the e-shop for Magenta Fashion, which had, until then, been working only in the form of stores in the city of Bratislava. Though these shops were safely generating sufficient revenue, to enhance their market share and develop their activities, an e-shop, which would bring them closer to their customers, was a must.

02. About the client

A store with fashion clothes from Bratislava selling unconventional brands, such as Magenta or Cango&Rinaldi, has already many a year-long tradition in Slovakia. Clothes manufactured under these brands are unique, in limited and exclusive collections. Their clients are mostly those who like unique design, modern and elegant style, regardless of the money.

03. Our task

The main need was to be closer to their customers from SK and CZE and enable them to place an order from home. This would strengthen the shop’s market share and make the sale process more efficient. Stores in Bratislava were historically capable of creating a firm client base that regularly returned to make another purchase. However, growing pressure from shopping centers on the increasing rental price motivated the owner to expand his services by creating an e-shop with the aim to replace the current dependency on stores.

04. Obstacles

  • Choice of an appropriate e-shop solution, capable of following the functioning trend with working logistics and administration system.
  • Missing database of products that could be simply imported into the e-shop.
  • Specification of efficient product categorization.
  • Constantly changing the range of products.

05. How we helped

For time and monetary reasons alike, we decided for opensource e-shop solution based on Opencart system, adjusted for customer’s needs. We helped with a complete product categorization. The e-shop was ready in 5 weeks, with only the manual product input to be done. Our solution met the set budget, the DDL had to wait a couple of weeks due to the necessary manual input of individual products. Thankfully, there was no unbearable impact on the client and the whole collaboration was a success for both sides.

06. Result

After having the e-shop done, the client followed with his own simple campaigns so the first sales of the e-shop came during a fortnight. Currently, the e-shop serves as a stable generator of profit and its branded fashion has open doors to many more homes than ever before.

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